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Authorize.Net integration WebCart Consulting is proud to announce that authorize.net processing is now available for both OllaCart and OllaCart Pro Point of Sale systems.

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FedEx LabelsIncrease your productivity by taking steps out of the shipping process. This FedEx Automated Labels contribution allows you to ship via Federal Express directly from admin and gives the customer the tracking number both in an email and account history.


Ultimate SEO URLsGet people talking about your osC site with this search engine optimizing contribution. Transform your cpath links to search engine friendly urls listing your product and category names.

Margin ReportTracking your profits is simple with this osCommerce contribution. Adding an additional field to your database allows you to input the cost on all your items and calculate your gross profit.

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At WebCart Consulting, we have been optimizing osCommerce Web Stores for over 6 years. Our programmers have been working with osCommerce customizing, creating and engineering unique solutions to fit exact customer needs. We do not claim to sell a "one store fits all" version because we do not feel that one could exsist but we do offer an ecommerce version that is a great jumping off point for someone who wants a suped up site. We offer services to fully customize your site from design to reporting, features to databases. Our web developers are happy to answer questions or make suggestions if you do not know quite yet what you need and as with most store owners, when that need changes as you grow, WebCart Consulting will be here to help.


On SEO Your magic worked! ...more than I hoped for. My desire has always been to come up on top when someone searched for something really specific which we carry... but I did not think it was realistic to be up top for a broad search like that one. That is powerful stuff.


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On Website ManagementWebcart Consulting has been the best thing that has ever happened to my business. After being frustrated with impossibly slow and hard to get a hold of programmers, Rebecca and Jared have been such a breath of fresh air. Not only competent but friendly and easy to communicate with. They are ALWAYS available for me and I have 100% confidence in their work. Rebecca has helped me to take my business to the next level with her insight and experience. If you are looking for great programmers for your online business, look no further.


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We know your time is valuable. At WebCart Consulting we offer fast, free quotes on any project along with a realistic timeline so you can get out of "fixing mode" and back into running your business.

Contact us today and see how easy it is to take your eCommerce business to the next step.

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